Emanuel Kanal's MRI Safety Course Australia

12 February 2023 - 13 February 2023
New South Wales, Australia
Venue - Amora Hotel Jamison Sydney
CPD hours available

Dr Kanal has taught more people about MR safety issues than any other physician in the world today – over 7000 registrants to date!

The Kanal Method for clinical decision-making teaches you to;
a, Confidently Implement a formal standardised approach to scan/not scan in regards to patients with devices/implants/foreign bodies
b, Improve Patient Safety
c, Increase throughput at your site

Dr. Kanal’s MRMD/MRSO MR Safety Training Course is designed to help educate Physicians, MR Technologists and other MR staff about the unique safety considerations associated with all magnetic resonance environments. A primary course objective is to introduce the attendee to the Kanal Method – a methodical, standardized, prospectively defined approach to confidently assess and pseudo-quantify risks versus potential benefits of proceeding with a requested MR examination. This pertains to specific MR scanner, hardware and parameter settings for patients in whom there may be implanted devices and/or foreign bodies.

The course not only helps the attendee understand the potential risks of a specific requested MR study, but it also teaches the attendee steps that might be undertaken to potentially mitigate those risks to a clinically acceptable level.

• Understanding the three fields/energies intrinsic to the MR imaging process, their unique temporal distributions, spatial distributions and magnitudes and the unique risks associated with each of these energies/fields.
• Introducing and applying steps that might be undertaken in order to mitigate MR-associated risks to clinically acceptable levels.
• “Putting it all together”: The Kanal Method. Introducing, defining, and applying a standardized approach for pseudo-quantifying and assessing risks versus benefits for any requested MR study on a device/implant/foreign body patient.


16 hours of CPD points are available.