20 March 2018 - 15 May 2018
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This first-ever joint ESTRO-CARO-RANZCR course is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills and attributes considered as building blocks for effective leadership. The course is directed at professionals interested in developing expertise in leading teams, advocacy and positively influencing the future of Radiation Oncology within local and international settings.

This course is designed for senior trainees or junior practitioners (approximately first five years after training) in the radiation oncology professions, including radiation- or clinical oncologists, radiation physicists, radiation therapists, and radiation scientists.  

Unlike other ESTRO pre-meeting workshops, this 8 week course consists of online and face to face components. The online components will start around 20 March 2018 and consist of an introductory tutorial with participants and teachers followed by online exercises and compulsory electronic learning modules to be completed prior to the ESTRO37 meeting. Live sessions will take place during ESTRO 37 in Barcelona: a full day on the 20 April 2018 and two lunch-time meetings on 21 and 22 April.  

Course Learning Objectives: at the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Examine and reflect on their own behaviours, reactions and interactions with team members
  • Describe basic leadership theory and styles as they might apply to practical situations
  • Describe the foundations of effective change management and negotiation
  • Explore strategies to establish and lead effective teams
  • Apply basic quality improvement tools to approach an improvement process

Further details about the course, how to submit an application, costs and logistics will be released on the ESTRO School website in September at or please see the below documents for further information:

ESTRO-CARO-RANZCR Teaching Course Program

 ESTRO-CARO-RANZCR Teaching Course Information

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Radiation Oncology trainees are reminded that you are entitled to discounted rates through your automatic ESTRO Affiliate Membership.