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Below you will find an index of forms and resources relevant to the radiation oncology training program. Search by keyword and use the filters to find what you're looking for.

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Radiation Oncology

Policy on Eligibility and Outcomes of Phase 1 Examination in Radiation Oncology

Eligibility and Outcomes of the Phase 1 Examination in Radiation Oncology Policy, Version 3 Approved October 2013

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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Phase 2 Trainee Progression Summary

Recommended Phase 2 Trainee Progression Summary for Full Time Trainees

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Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology Phase 1 Trainee Progression Summary

Recommended Phase 1 Trainee Progression Summary for Full Time Trainees

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Radiation Oncology

Eligibility and Readiness to Sit Phase 2 Examination

This policy prescribes the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of RadiologistsĀ® (the College) eligibility, readiness to sit and successful completion requirements for candidates intending to attempt the Radiation Oncology Phase 2 examination. ...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Consideration of Special Circumstances Policy

Policy outlining the criteria and mechanisms by which RANZCR Trainees or International Medical Graduates (IMGs) undertaking formal assessment may advise the College of, and the College may consider, special circumstances. This policy outlines the cr...
Download pdf - 422.7KB
Radiation Oncology

Final Certification of Completion of Accredited Training in Radiation Oncology

For trainees that have satisfied the requirements of the Radiation Oncology Education and Training Committee by completing five years of accredited training and meeting all assessment requirements

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Website Privacy and Terms of Use Policy

Policy which, together with the RANZCR Privacy Policy, governs your use of the RANZCR website

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Protection for College Activities and Information Policy

Details of protections available for College information, and for individuals involved in College activities, from legal and other investigations.

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Confidential Information Policy

Policy that establishes which information the College will treat as Confidential Information and the responsibilities of Staff Members, Members and Stakeholders who receive Confidential Information.

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

RANZCR Conflict of Interest Policy

Policy outlining the Collegeā€™s practices for identifying, avoiding and managing conflicts of interest.

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