Trainee Information Management System (TIMS) Help

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What is the Trainee Information Management System?

The Trainee Information System (TIMS) is the repository where you will submit all assessments for the training program. You will receive a login when you begin the program.

What does TIMS do?

  • Manages your assessment requirements (eligibility and due dates for all assessments)

  • Functions as an e-portfolio (repository for assessment submissions)

  • Tracks your progress

  • Issues assessment reminders and overdue assessment notifications

  • Determines if you are eligible to sit exams

  • Tracks rotations

  • Manages changes to your training status.

How do I log into TIMS?

You can log into TIMS via the Learning Portal, using your Member ID.

Who has access to my TIMS profile?

Your TIMS profile can be accessed by your Director of Training, the College's Specialty Training Unit and other professionals who may support you through training such as Education Support Officers, Training Network Directors for radiation oncology or Network Training Directors for clinical radiology:

  • Your Director of Training (DoT) has access to your training profile to monitor your progression and approve submitted assessments as well as making changes to training status applications.

  • If your training network has a Training Network Director (TND)/Network Training Director they will have access to your training profile and the profile of Directors of Training within their Network. They are unable to monitor your progression.

  • If your training network has an Education Support Officer (ESO), the ESO will be able to view your training profile only.

Before you rotate to a new training site please remember to:

  1. Update your current site on TIMS before the start of your next rotation

  2. Ensure your DoT has approved all of their submitted assessments before the effective date of your next rotation.

This will ensure that:

  1. Your new Director of Training receives the assessment submissions

  2. All your rotation-based assessments (e.g. TATS) will be automatically rescheduled.

You should enter all future rotations prior your commencement date.

More Help

For help using TIMS, see the user guides listed in Related Documents and TIMS Frequently Asked Questions.