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Below you will find an index of forms and resources relevant to the clinical radiology training program. Search by keyword and use the filters to find what you're looking for.

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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Recognition of Prior Learning Policy

The RANZCR Recognition of Prior Learning Policy aims to provide new trainees with an opportunity to obtain recognition for training which predates the commencement of approved RANZCR Clinical Radiology and Radiation Oncology training. Applicants wish...
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Clinical Radiology

Clinical Radiology Failure to Complete Mandatory Assessment Requirements

Failure to Complete Mandatory Assessment/Training Requirements in the Clinical Radiology (Radiodiagnosis) Training Program Policy defines the terms 'unsatisfactory' progression and to prescribe the possible penalties faced by trainees should they dem...
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Clinical Radiology Radiation Oncology

Consideration of Special Circumstances Policy

Policy outlining the criteria and mechanisms by which RANZCR Trainees or International Medical Graduates (IMGs) undertaking formal assessment may advise the College of, and the College may consider, special circumstances. This policy outlines the cr...
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Clinical Radiology

Clinical Radiology (Radiodiagnosis) Training Program Curriculum

Radiodiagnosis Training Program Curriculum Version 2. The Radiodiagnosis Training Program Curriculum contains both non-Medical Expert and Medical Expert content and learning objectives, in keeping with the principles of the CanMEDS 2000 medical profe...
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Clinical Radiology

CanMEDS Framework to Inform Clinical Radiology Curriculum

The Radiodiagnosis curriculum consists of seven roles which encompass the competencies of the speciality. These roles are based on the CanMEDS modelwhich stipulate the medical expert and six non-medical expert roles as they pertain to radiodiagnosis:...
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Clinical Radiology

Key Educational Principles

Key Educational Principles. There are a number of educational principles underpinning the Radiodiagnosis Curriculum and Training Program. These principles are described in this document.

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Clinical Radiology

Radiodiagnosis Training Program Structure and Assessments

Training Program Structure & Assessments outlines the structure of the Radiodiagnosis training program, the knowledge and skills the RANZCR expects diagnostic radiology trainees to develop and the nature of the various examinations and assessment...
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Clinical Radiology

Radiodiagnosis Curriculum Glossary of Learning Verbs

Glossary of Learning Verbs in the Radiodiagnosis Curriculum

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Clinical Radiology

Key Conditions in Year 1 of Radiodiagnosis Training

Key Conditions in early training are defined as those conditions which may be life threatening if undiagnosed over a period of 12 hours. These key conditions must be documented and communicated to the treating team immediately upon diagnosis. Trainee...
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Clinical Radiology

Anatomy Syllabus in Radiodiagnosis Curriculum

Categorisation of Required Skills and Knowledge for Anatomical Structures in Radiodiagnosis Training Program

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