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Update on the release of exam results

RANZCR exams for clinical radiology and radiation oncology trainees have commenced under a revised timetable and format following a necessary postponement due to COVID-19 restrictions.

RANZCR understands that trainees will be affected by the changes to the examination timetable. Our intention has always been to support our trainees to progress their careers, holding exams this year, with the safety of all examination participants at the forefront of decision making.

All candidates have been advised that due to the revised examination timetable, examination results will not be available until mid-January. This is due to the higher than usual number of candidates. The delay in the release of examination results will impact on the processing of Fellowship applications for those who have successfully completed all components of training. Applications for Fellowship will be processed as expeditiously as possible after they are received with Fellowship letters expected to be sent out by the end of February.

RANZCR acknowledges that the timing may impact some graduates’ placements and other future workplace arrangements. We ask that employers be mindful of these impacts and grant as much flexibility as possible to our graduates in these circumstances.

Important Notice: 2020 Examination Results and 2021 Examination Dates

The College recently sent a communique providing an update on the clinical radiology examinations which advised when candidates can expect to receive their results for the 2020 examinations.  The College also provided an update on the 2021 examinations, the College is continuing to work towards delivering the 2021 examinations to the regular timetable, however dates are yet to be confirmed. Further details will be provided when available.  A copy of that communique is available here: Clinical Radiology Update 2020 and 2021 Examinations Letter to Trainees

2021 Examinations:

Part 1 Exams

Apply by 
1 February 2021 e-Anatomy 29 March 

Due to COVID-19 examination venues for 2021 have not yet been confirmed. Venues will be in Australia and New Zealand, further information will be provided to registered candidates

Please click here to download application
e-Applied Imaging Technology 30 March

Part 2 Exams

For IMG’s or Trainees currently outside of Australia or New Zealand, please register your details by submitting the application form below. The College is investigating contingencies that could allow examinations to proceed in 2021 for those residing outside of Australia and New Zealand who are impacted by travel restrictions imposed by health authorities in each jurisdiction. The College will confirm in late January or early February 2021 if a suitable contingency has been found

 Apply by
1 February 2021 e-Film Reading  18 March Due to COVID-19 examination venues for 2021 have not yet been confirmed. Venues will be in Australia and New Zealand, further information will be provided to registered candidates Please click here to download application
e-Radiology and e-Pathology MCQ 19 March
Vivas TBC


About the Exams

There are two major exams in the clinical radiology training program:

Part 1

The Part 1 exams consists of examinations in Anatomy and Applied Imaging Technology (AIT) and must be completed within two years of commencing training:

  • e-AIT Paper 1: 10 essay questions in three sections
  • e-AIT Paper 2: 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • e-Anatomy Paper 1: 15 short answer questions
  • e-Anatomy Paper 2: 8 short answer questions.

Part 2

The Part 2 exam consists of two examinations in Clinical Radiology and one examination in Pathology, and seven Vivas (oral exams), and is usually taken in Year 4 or 5.

  • e-Film Reading: Eight short answer questions using radiology film cases
  • e-Radiology: 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • e-Pathology: 100 multiple choice questions {(MCQs)
  • Vivas: Live oral film reading/pathological image exams. There are seven vivas topics to be passed (six body systems and one Pathology), and each viva will include multiple cases.


To sit the Part 1 exam, you must be in an accredited training position. You must take the whole exam at once, on your first sitting.

To sit the Part 2 exam, you must have passed the Part 1 exam, completed 3 years of training, all Phase 1 assessments and be in an accredited training position.

International medical graduates may be permitted to sit the Part 2 examinations in certain circumstances. See International Medical Graduates

How to Apply

  1. Download and print the application form for Part 1  or Part 2 
  2. Complete the form, including payment for exam fees and any other items required such as passport photos
  3. Send the completed application form, including required signed documentation, by mail or email to the address listed on the form. We must receive the application by 4pm on the relevant closing date. Late applications are not accepted
  4. An acknowledgement of receipt of application will be emailed within 10 business days of the application being received at the College office.(where reasonably practical). Confirmation of receipt of application will NOT be provided via phone. Contact the College immediately if you have not received an acknowledgement within 10 business days.

A note for Part 1 candidates:
At the time of the examination you must be employed as an accredited radiology trainee and you must have completed all required training program assessments at the time of applying to sit the examination. If you commence in an accredited radiology training position after the closing date for applications, in addition to submitting the examination application form, the completed and required attachments of the Approval of Course in Training Form must be submitted with your examination application prior to the closing date.

Exam Fees

Trainees pay an examination fee to cover the costs of operating the exams. Visit the College Fees page for details on exam fees.

How to Withdraw

If you need to withdraw from an exam, you must inform the College in writing. If you withdraw up to four weeks before the exam, there is no financial penalty. If you withdraw within four weeks of the exam, you will be refunded 50% of the exam fee. If you fail to attend the exam you forfeit the exam fee.

Preparing for Exams

RANZCR has many resources to help you prepare for exams, including user guides and past exam papers.

Preparing for the Part 1 Exam


e-Applied Imaging Technology:

Preparing for the Part 2 Exam

e-MCQs (Radiology and Pathology):

e-Film Reading 

Examination Prizes

The College presents prizes to the most successful candidates in College examinations. Visit our Examination Prizes page for more information.