Training Program

The RANZCR clinical radiology training program is a five-year program in two phases:

  • Phase 1 (3 years): General clinical radiology training
  • Phase 2 (2 years): Systems-focused rotations for advanced clinical radiology training

Training is undertaken through accredited network training sites. Trainees rotate to a number of training sites throughout their training, see Training Sites and Networks.

This section of the website is for current trainees. For information on how to apply for a training position, see Join our professions.

Application Form and Trainee Compact

Within two weeks of starting in a training position, you must complete and submit an application form and trainee compact.


Trainees are expected to meet milestones in each year of the training program. These include assessment projects, exams, logbooks and other forms of assessment. As a trainee, you are responsible for making sure you meet these milestones. See details of the milestones for each year in the related documents below.


Each year, trainees pay a RANZCR Membership Subscription Fee, and a Training Fee to cover the costs of running the training program. Trainees also pay Examination Fees when sitting exams.

Visit Fees page.

Part-time Training and Leave

The College recognises that trainees (in certain circumstances) need to vary their training time arrangements. These are all possible with the approval of your Director of Training and the College. Requests are made via your trainee profile on the Trainee Information Management System.