Examination and Assessment Review

RANZCR regularly reviews its education and training programs to ensure that the College is a model of best practice, is prepared for the future, and has fair, transparent processes.

In 2014, the College commissioned a review of its assessment and examination processes for Fellowship training.

The review was conducted jointly by David Prideaux, Emeritus Professor of Medical Education at Flinders University, and by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). The review’s purpose was to evaluate the quality and sustainability of RANZCR’s assessment and examination program and to recommend strategies for improvement.

After presenting the review to the College Board, Faculty Councils, and key stakeholders, a number of key challenges in training and assessment were identified, and strategies to implement changes were proposed and developed into a work plan for implementation.

A task force reporting to the RANZCR Board has been established to oversee the implementation of the review and, in order to progress the recommendations for governance and programmatic assessment, steering committees have been established in each Faculty.

The Examination and Assessment Review project is expected to take two to three years to implement. Information relating to the progress of the review is available within the Examination and Assessment Review report.