CPD Activities

For general information about Continuing Professional Development, see CPD Overview.

CPD eligible activities are grouped into seven categories:

  • Professional and Clinical Governance
  • Teaching, Training and Supervision
  • Self-Directed Learning
  • Research
  • Publication and Presentations
  • Attendance at Conferences and Meetings
  • Maintenance of Professional Standards.

Over the course of the CPD triennium (currently 2019 to 2021), you must complete:

  • At least 180 CPD points
  • At least 50 points per year
  • Points in at least three categories.
  • At least one Reviewing Performance activity
  • At least one Measuring Outcome activity

For details of eligible activities and points earned, see the Radiation Oncology CPD Handbook

How to record CPD points

You can record CPD activities via the Learning Portal