Clinical Radiology Phase 2 2023 Examination Sample Questions

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The purpose of this Phase 2 Examination Sample Questions document is to assist The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists, its staff, trainees, members, and other individuals with what to expect for the Phase 2 Examinations.

This document provides information and sample questions on each of the Phase 2 Examinations, these are Pathology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Pathology Short Answer Questions (SAQ), Radiology Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), Case Reporting questions, and Objective Structured Examination in Radiology Questions (OSCER).

Please keep in mind the format in which these sample questions are shown in this document are not how they will look in Practique. This is a guide on how each question will be structured, you are able to practice some of these exams vis the RANZCR website.